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David Shore and Patty Campbell honeymooned on their first van trip to Europe in 1981, and have been enjoying and recommending this mode of travel ever since. They have written several books on exotic vanning, including Europe Free! The Car, Van & RV Travel Guide, New Zealand by Motorhome, and Patty's On-The-Road Gourmet.

David and Patty have been frequent guests on radio and television talk shows to explain why motor homing is the most comfortable and economical, as well as the safest, way to visit foreign places.

Campbell is a literary critic, editor, and columnist. She is the author of seven books, among which her favorite is Passing the Hat: Street Performers in America.

Shore is a journalist and magazine/public relations specialist whose writing and photography have been published internationally.

From David and Patty

"When we tell friends how we lived for 10 days at the foot of the Eiffel Tower and dined on delicacies from the local shops for $9 per day, paddled our inflatable boat through creamy expanses of water lilies in the pine forests of Sweden, or visited medieval Greek mountain villages where they had never seen Americans, they look wistful and say, "how do you do it?"

It's easy, once you know what you're doing. And very safe. But when we began our first European van adventure back in 1981, we were unsure of ourselves because there were no books or other forms of guidance to tell us how to do it. So we followed bits of word-of-mouth wisdom ("Go see a bloke named Nigel at Bow-Wow Vans in East London. That's where the 'old dogs' go."), and muddled through.

But luck and people were kind, and we learned by trial and error. As we got smoother and more skilled at this delightful way of travel, we found that we wanted to share our hard-won expertise so that other people could benefit from our experience. We are both writers, so as we traveled we began to research and write a book. Over the years and kilometers we've expanded and updated it often, and had a lot of fun along the way.

We have swigged cheap red wine in a Parisian garret and dined elegantly in a luxury condo in Munich. We have talked long into the night with young radicals from Vienna and argued politics with South Africans atop Mount Olympus. During the cold war we learned about the economic situation in Hungary firsthand from a sportswear entrepreneur from Budapest, who kissed us both when we gave him a Johnny Cash cassette.

We have been guests in homes in many countries, and now have a network of treasured friends ranging from England to Turkey. We are often the only Americans our hosts have ever met.

Our new edition is the most up-to-date and comprehensive information source you can get on the subject, and we're proud of it. As one reviewer said, it contains 'all you need to know and then some.' "

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